Frauke-Maria Thalacker

Lyric coloratura soprano

Frauke-Maria Thalacker is an experienced concert and opera singer, with an extensive classical and contemporary repertoire, which she sings and performs confidently on national and international stages.


Frauke Thalacker gives form to her enthusiasm for creative concert and stage programs by creating and implementing extraordinary concepts, as well as taking responsibility for organizational and artistic direction of three international organizations. Two of her publications have appeared in the "Deutsche Schubert Jahrbücher" published by Bärenreiterverlag.


In addition to her professional passion as an actress, opera and concert singer, she has devoted herself enthusiastically to brain research, cell biology and quantum physics or their interdisciplinary interaction for the past 7 years. She attended seminars and lectures at home and abroad with internationally renowned scientists.


Thus she developed from her artistic activity and her experience of many years in the pedagogical area for singing, speech technique, breath, voice and articulation training a further field of activity as a trainer/coach for presentation and mental training, as well as for personality and high-level personnel development.

Irene Xander

Leadership Coach & Opera Singer

Irene Xander is a passionate leader who gives people the power to integrate their passion into their business, creating a unique career and individual lifestyle.


Most people and businesses are locally oriented - in the 21st century we need global orientation to play in the world! Irene Xander came to global business through her mentor, Sonja Becker, ran the Sage Theater in Times Square for a time, and lived in Manhattan for several years. She leads high performance leadership trainings worldwide for Wailea GmbH & Co KG (Germany, New York, Indonesia and South Africa).


She started as a mother of four children and teacher for early musical education in Southern Germany in the Swabian Alb. Later she sang as an internationally renowned opera singer with the three tenors of the Platinum Scala and André Rieu and since 2010 she is the managing director of the Wailea Music Academy GmbH in Cologne.


Her passion is to bring out undreamt-of talents in people so that they can fully use their very own genius and play the great "game" that is inside them!